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Selling Your Home


Selling a home can be a stressful situation.  Even the decision to sell or not to sell can be difficult.  All sellers are not created equally.  For that reason, they should not all be treated the same.  The reasons homeowners sell their homes can vary greatly.  

REALTORS are often asked to list and market homes for people who do not want to sell, but for health or other factors outside of their control, find themselves in a difficult situation.  

Other homeowners sell to simplify their lives.  The property that was "home" for their family is now too much; too much space, too much care and too much expense.  Often it is in their best interest to sell and buy another, smaller, more manageable home.  

Whatever the reason, the process can seem overwhelming.  Sellers often wonder where to begin.  

The first big step is to establish a goal.  What do you hope to accomplish by selling your home?  A professional real estate associate can assist by asking the right questions and helping you to define and clarify your goals.  Listening is an important skill for an effective REALTOR®.

Once the decision is made to sell, it is important to follow the law.  Just as in any legal matter, professional advice is needed.  Real Estate is an ever-changing field.  The Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (OREC) regulates the real estate profession and makes changes to the guidelines and regulations each year.  It is imperative to work with a professional that is active and up to date on current laws.  

If you are thinking of selling your home, I would enjoy sitting down with you and discussing your needs and how I can assist you in reaching your goals. 


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